The Krokant of Lošinj is a
festive dainty of Lošinj’s captains.

It is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. At the peak of every celebration, a Krokant is broken, traditionally with a sword. CROCANTESSA, the Krokant of Lošinj is handmade in the traditional manner.


Since the golden age of Lošinj’s sailships, Krokant has been a luxurious sweet prepared for the most festive occasions. At the time when cane sugar was still a precious novelty from overseas, this almond brittle was prepared in the wealthy households of Lošinj’ seamen, boatbuilders and traders, usually for large family celebrations: weddings, christenings and anniversaries.

The technique of caramelisation and making of croquant spread across the Mediterranean at the time of trade expansion with South America. It arrived with cane sugar on the island of Lošinj during the 18th century. Here the technique was refined, and a new, specific manner of making brittle was created, requiring particular craft and strength.


At the peak of every celebration, the Krokant that is displayed throughout the event is bound to be broken for good luck, traditionally with a sword. At weddings and wedding anniversaries, the sword is held together by the bride and broom, while on other occasions, it is the celebrant alone breaking the Krokant. The more pieces, the more luck there to come!

Maintenance of the tradition and the craft of making the Krokant was preserved by the seamen’s wives, artistically envisioned with the sculpture „Addio” in Čikat Bay and incorporated into our packaging as a tribute.


The Krokant of Lošinj is prepared of sugar and unpeeled almonds, finely chopped but not ground. A typical Krokant of Lošinj is made of thin sheets rolled with a wooden roller until delicate and fragile. These thin sheets are suitable for shaping the decorations, bows and columns needed for building Krokant cake. This requires significant craft and speed, for the brittle can be shaped only while hot.  CROCANTESSA, the Krokant of Lošinj, is made traditionally, entirely by hand.

Celebrate the moment!

Mark the occasion and celebrate your special events by breaking the Krokant of Lošinj. Gift yourself and your loved ones a moment to remember as a special occasion or a souvenir from Lošinj. And don’t forget to break it for good luck! In the absence of a sword, a simple spoon will do.





About us

Moby Dick Gelateria & Pasticceria has been a local favourite meeting point in Mali Lošinj for the past 40 years. All generations meet here over coffee and daily fresh cakes or handmade artisanal ice cream, available throughout the year. Our family is deeply connected to the island and traditions of Lošinj, which is incorporated in our logo, Tradizione Lussignana. Besides decades of dancing in local folklore ensemble Manfrina, we sing in a local choir and eagerly participate in carnival and every other local event.

We believe it is important to keep the local tradition alive. In the spirit of that belief, the Krokant of Lošinj CROCANTESSA is our attempt to preserve local heritage and bring it forward to your attention. Packaged in a box suitable for travel, you can take a piece of the island’s tradition and gift it to your loved ones.

Almond brittle

INGREDIENTS: sugar, ground almonds 42%; glucose syrup, cocoa butter.

This product can contain traces of various nuts.

Average nutritional value (in 100g): Energy: 2085 kJ / 497 kcal; Fat: 22 g of which saturates: 7 g; Carbohydrate: 65,7 g of which sugars: 48,8 g; Protein: 8,9 g; Salt: <0,01 g.

Store in a cool and dry place.

Country of origin: Croatia

Since the age of Lošinj’s captains, the Krokant of Lošinj has been an indispensable part of marking every significant event on the island and the peak of family celebrations.

CROCANTESSA, the Krokant of Lošinj, is a perfect gift for special occasions and a must-have souvenir from the island of Lošinj.

You can find it in the following locations:

Gelateria & Pasticceria MOBY DICK Mali Lošinj, V. Gortana 38
Gelateria & Pasticceria MOBY DICK Veli Lošinj
Gelateria MOBY DICK Nerezine
GASTRO CROATIA, Mali Lošinj, Priko 16